Can you still work with real material in 2023? Of course! Especially now. For me as an artist, analogue collage is not old school, not vintage, but more than a technique: it is an expression of a way of life that gives the digital zeitgeist the middle finger with relish. Social media, digital currencies, war - the world out there is becoming more and more complex. My answer is: minimalism. With just a few elements, properly combined - creating a new reality and focusing on the essentials. This creates a powerful, magical narrative that inspires and stays.

After thirty years (that's the equivalent of two TikTokers) in advertising, I know: the formula keep it short and simple creates iconic images and claims that are remembered. I have transported this motto into art. We live in an age of micro-attention spans - no one invests more than a few seconds any more: YouTube has overtaken TV, films have become memes, images NFTs. All the more important that art does a lot with a little.

For me, the craft process of creating something meaningful and lasting is self-care and an anchor in an information tsunami. Sneakers and porcelain, landscapes and colour stripes - why not? I combine things that don't seem to go together and thereby create something new and powerful. My pictures are analogue and tangible. My motto: I'd rather have a work of art on the wall than one on my hard drive.

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